Trust the Process -Mandala Making

Have you ever felt confused or bewildered by a situation or feeling that you just couldn’t figure out or understand? Do you think that making Art would help you discern what was actually going on? My creative journey began as a quest of learning how my mind and body were directly communicating with me thru my Art. Making Mandalas became a regular daily practice. This process took a bit of time to get used to. I have made Art since I was a child, but this was different. The process was more important than the product.

This Artwork was not something that I was sharing with anyone, it was personal and profound. How could something so effortless, even enjoyable have so much power to dialogue with me? I will share with you some of my secrets in the second blog post. You will be blown away at the simplicity and yet powerful connection to your subconscious.

First gather your supplies. A piece of plain paper (nothing fancy) a pencil or pen, a pack of crayons a minimum of 16 so that you have a variety of colors. Next, sit quietly to begin to ground yourself. I know that this is self-help speak, it just means being quiet so that you can hear your thoughts in your own mind. Visualize a shape. It can be geometric; square, circle, oval, triangle or something organic- think wiggly, irregular, meandering, floating. Draw your shape as large as you can allow on the page. This shape is your container for your inner story. Next drawing shapes or just add colors inside this shape. Depending on your immediacy of subconscious story-telling you may be completely finished in 15 minutes or as long as 30 minutes. When you feel that you have completed your Mandala cover your paper.

The final step is possibly the most helpful and astonishing to discover. I have always been surprised by this process Learning to Trust the small, seemingly insignificant voice of the subconscious can reveal many new insights. You will be blown away by the way your subconscious will reveal itself to you almost effortlessly. Simple and yet powerful.

If you feel so inclined to try this process please let me know how you found this process.

This is the first blog post of my new adventure in creativity and teaching various ways to tap into Your Own Creativity.

If you are looking for inspirational reading on this subject, this is my favorite book.

The Zen of Creative Painting - An Elegant Design for Revealing Your Muse, by Jeanne Carbonetti